Chicken Salan Recipe /Pakistani Chicken Shorba Curry

aloo chicken salan

5 minutes

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aloo chicken salan

500g Chicken

4 enormous Onion,choped

5-6 medium Potatoes  peeled and cut into pieces

1 tsp Haldi

1 tsp Coriander powder

2 tsp Red Chili powder

1 tblsp Ginger glue

1 tblsp Garlic Paste

1 tsp zeera powder

1 tsp garam Masala powder

2 pc Cardamom

2pc Clove

1″ Cinnamon stick

5-7 entire dark Pepper

Salt to taste

3 tblsp Oil

Coriander leaves for decorating

yougurt 1/2 cup

aloo chicken salan



  • Wash chicken and keep aside.
  • Cut the potatoes into halves and shallow fry with a pinch of haldi
  • Grind the onion into smooth paste.
  • In a vessel heat oil.
  • aloo chicken salan


1. Fry the onion in oil till earthy colored. Expel the onion and granulate it with cleaved tomatoes and yogurt and keep it aside.

2.In a similar oil include turmeric,coriander powder, red chillie powder, garlic, ginger glue and salt .

3. Fry with little water till water dries.

4. Include chicken and cook till water dries once more. Include the onion tomato glue and fry well till the oil comes up.

5. Add 3 to 4 glasses of water, spread and cook till the meat tenders.

6. At the point when meat is nearly done include potatoes and cook till the potatoes are cooked and the your necessary sauce is left.

7. Include green chillies and cook all through on low warmth.

8. Topping with new dhaniya and lemon.

9. Present with naan/chapati/bubbled rice.

Serves 6–8 people

aloo chicken salan

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